Tweetbot Crashing On Startup? Here’s How To Fix It On iPhone Or Mac

If, like me, you have Tweetbot app for Twitter crashing on startup on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, here’s how you can fix the problem.

Out of nowhere, this evening Tweetbot app started crashing on all of my devices. Upon investigating, it turns out the issue is related to the newly discovered bug in iOS where a specific character can crash just about any app which makes use of Apple’s native text control.

Like many messaging apps, Tweetbot makes use of this and so it crashes whenever anyone on your Twitter timeline tweets or retweets something which has this specific character from Indian Telugu language in it.

Now Apple appears to be fully aware of this notorious bug, and already has a fix in place in iOS 11.3 betas, and is also said to be preparing to release an update to iOS 11.2.x to immediately fix the problem. But if you like me can’t update to iOS 11.3 just yet on primary devices, and also can’t wait for Apple to patch the problem in an update to 11.2.x, and using the official Twitter app is simply not an option (I hate not being able to browse by timeline in chronological order!), then all you need to do is to login to Twitter in your web browser, then browse your timeline and find out who has tweeted or retweeted anything with that specific Indian character in it. Once you have found the culprit, add the person to the mute filter or just unfollow him or her in order to fix your Tweetbot problem temporarily.

Additionally, you can also delete and reinstall Tweetbot app once you are done with the above process although in my case this wasn’t necessary. This should temporarily fix your crashing problem in Tweetbot.

Oh and for those wondering, here’s what that character looks like:

Hope Apple rolls out an official fix for this, which by the way affects iOS, macOS and even watchOS, sooner rather than later.

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