Transform Your Smartphone Into A Thermometer With This Minuscule Accessory [VIDEO]

A neat new thermometer, which plugs directly into a mobile device’s headphone jack, can provide immediate and accurate readings of the temperature in your specific location – a marked improvement upon the GPS-based estimates that most of us are accustomed to. The Thermodo, brainchild of Robocat (of Haze fame), is compatible with both iOS and Android, and although certain handsets are already equipped with such facilities as standard, this compact package is both reasonably-priced and practical for those that aren’t.

Not so long ago, we’d rely on the weatherman to tell us whether it was going to be picnic weather or time to grab a coat, and if we didn’t manage to catch the report, we’d rely on hearsay. While, in many respects, we still rely upon the old faithful methods of keeping abreast of the changes to our immediate environment, we also lean on smartphone apps, but whilst they’re sufficient as an overview, they are still based upon patterns and predictions rather than fact.


Let’s get one thing straight – the Thermodo isn’t going to tell you what the weather’s like outside, nor what it’s going to be like. But if you happen to work in an environment whereby temperature is a critical variable, then this particular accessory would be a good one to have in the inventory.

Thermodo price

At a cost of just $29.99 for the base model, which comes in black, red, or silver color configurations, it’s worth picking up even if you’ve an ecological bent, and merely wish to keep track of any subtle changes to the temperature of your immediate surroundings. As you’d expect, the accompanying app is jam-packed with features, keeping a meticulous log of every incremental change, and even though some might naturally question the consistency and accuracy, the Thermodo appears to live up to its billing without compromise.

Thermodo how

If you’re feeling a little fanciful, you may wish to splash out an extra 15 bucks on the brushed aluminum model, which arrives complete with engraved logos. At $44.99, it’s quite steep for what is, to many, a novelty item more than anything, although if you’re in ownership of the Space Gray iPhone 5s or the HTC One M8, you’ll probably find the lure of the metallic finish a little too good to pass up on.

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