Tired Of Apple, Microsoft Turns Its Attentions To Picking On Samsung Instead [VIDEO]

Nobody could accuse Microsoft of being on a charm offensive of late. In fact, it’s more likely that the finger would be pointed at them for doing the complete opposite after the Redmond firm set about Apple in various Windows RT ads, pitting its own tablet machines against Apple’s wildly popular iPads. It seems that Apple’s isn’t the only one to find itself in the firing line though, after Microsoft apparently decided that if you’re going to go toe-to-toe with one huge international technology player, then you might as well go against two.

Microsoft has now launched an attack on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in much the same way that it set about the iPad. Choosing two ads to try and ram its point home, Microsoft has chosen to point a wagging finger at the Galaxy Tab’s lack of full-sized USB ports, amongst other things, suggesting that the Windows RT tablets that are on the market offer a more complete package, rather than a watered down experience like the Galaxy Tab 10.0 and, of course, the iPad.

Galaxy Tab Surface Ad

Microsoft’s advertising people don’t stop there though. As well as suggesting that the Tab 10.1 is less useful due to its lack of a full keyboard, Microsoft has chosen to point out that the Samsung tablet lacks proper support for multiple user accounts, which is actually something that it may have a point about. Apple’s iPad suffers from the same limitation, which can be a pain if you have one tablet shared between a number of people. Like, you know, a family. We’ll give Microsoft a point on that one.

Surface Ad Galaxy

Time will tell whether Samsung decides to hit back with its own ads, and while Apple hasn’t done so yet we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Tim Cook make a comment on the ads during the company’s next press outing.

Microsoft would possibly be better served by ensuring its own products are more compelling to potential customers than trying to drag the competition down though, especially when Apple in particular is trouncing it in sales figures.

Check out the ads below and tell us your opinion regarding them.

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