This New Accessory Turns iPhone Or Android Into A Dual-SIM Device, Also Acts As Camera Remote [VIDEO]

Dual-SIM smartphones are part of normal everyday life in countries like China. The majority of local Chinese manufacturers invariably offer some kind of low-end, low-cost piece of kit that mimics the look and feel of a popular device but comes with the ability to run two SIM cards at any given time. That type of device is extremely rare in the European and American markets, but does come with a very tangible benefits for the user. James Sung, the man behind the original dual SIM peel case, has recognized these benefits and is back with a new product called Teleza, which he thinks is the perfect solution to our dual-SIM requirements.

Teleza is essentially a stylish looking piece of hardware that connects to a smartphone or tablet through the Bluetooth protocol. The gadget is being advertised as a "Dual SIM Remote", which is actually a pretty apt description of its intended functionality.


The hardware has two SIM card slots built in that allows the user to compliment the manufacturer added slot on their smartphone, taking the total number of unique calling numbers on the device to three if required. Business travellers, regular tourists and international students will definitely see the benefit of being able to grab a local number when out of the country.

It could be set that the functionality alone is worth the $129.99 price-tag. However, there is more to Teleza than it meets the eye. The hardware can also act as a remote control for the camera on the connected device, allowing users to capture that all important selfie shot from up to ten meters away. The likes of Instagram and Vine will soon be overloaded with images and videos captured using the Teleza as a selfie aid. It also acts as a media remote control for music and movies playing on the device, allowing the user to play, pause and skip the currently playing media without actually having to have the iOS or Android powered device in their hand.

Teleza will be available in two different versions. The DSR iPhone Edition will support the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and 5c. The DSR+ Android and Tablet Edition will have the same level of support for Apple’s iPhones but also work with most Android powered devices and tablets.

However, it is noted that the DSR+ variant is still in a beta stage with some functionality no working correctly. The hardware will begin shipping in January 2014 for $129.99. You can find more info on the product by directing your browser to:

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