This Modular Charging Solution For iPhone Seeks To Reinvent The Battery Pack [Video]

One of the ongoing battles we face as smartphone owners is in retaining enough power to keep us going throughout an entire day, and for mobile users – particularly those on iPhone – there are quite literally hundreds of products out there that can help to keep our devices sufficiently juiced up. But a new Kickstarter campaign offers a solution quite unique to our eye, with a lightweight frame enveloping the device to support the clip-on, modular battery pack.

Buying a battery pack or even a battery case for iPhone is not particularly difficult since, well, they’re everywhere. But sourcing a case that doesn’t add significant bulk to your svelte device, or indeed your pocket, is quite a different story.


For the most part, the majority of us are happy enough to make provisions for carrying a heavy battery around or weighing down our handsets in order to use them for prolonged amounts of time, but as Rubix’s Augment Case / Charge combo demonstrates, it simply doesn’t have to be this way.



The stylish snap-on case may prove the hardest sell of the whole product, since it turns the smooth, slick profile of the iPhone into a squared-off throwback that some mightn’t take a shining to. Even though the Augment Case does offer its own, quirky brand of style, it’s definitely an acquired taste, but if you can see past the fact that it will turn your iPhone into a piece of funky, 1980s rubberized plastic, then you’re ready to reap the benefits of the accompanying Augment Charge charging pack.



The battery attachment itself is extremely lightweight and compact, meaning that whether you’re using it or simply have it squirrelled away in the pocket for emergencies, it won’t feel too weighty. Of course, given its size, it was never going to offer a magical amount of additional charge, however the 1200 mAh packed therein should bump you to 60% from zero, so it’s a great little booster for those long weekends.


As far as color options, the Augment Case and Augment Charge come black, blue, and red, and with a neat little light indicator along the side of the latter, you’ll know precisely when it needs filling up.

Since the Augment Case and Augment Charge are, strictly speaking, separate products, you could also experiment with the colors, and if you wish to get involved, check the source link for the official project page.

(Source: Kickstarter)

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