This Is What The Inside Of Apple’s Cupertino Headquarters Looks Like [PHOTOS]

Although Apple’s main home in Cupertino, California is well-documented throughout the blogosphere and greater tech spectrum, little is actually known about what it looks like on the inside.

Apple is renowned for producing aesthetically-pleasing products, yet we’re always equally interested on what’s going on internally, and for all its coverage, the lack of knowledge regarding internal affairs of the Cupertino palace render it a pretty mysterious place.

We suspect – given the uniqueness of the fruit company’s iconic retail stores – that the spaces in which Jony Ive gets his creative game going, Tim Cook gives a brief to the head honchos, and game-changing products are created, each entail their own little quirks. Now, courtesy of Apple Gazzette, the prying, curious eye of the tech world can finally take a look into previously uncharted territory. The nucleus of Apple’s web of secrecy, it’s quite literally where the magic happens, and although many of the design features within are as you may expect, there are a few surprises along the way, too:






As you’ll notice every time you pop to your local Apple Store, there’s plenty of glass, wood and metal strewn about the place, but everything seems meticulously arranged – keeping things looking minimalistic and clean in the image of its product range.

Despite helping to shape the modern digital market with some fantastic innovations, there are still traces of the earlier days lingering around. The restroom signs, for example, depict  male and female faces made from large dot matrix-like pixels. Similarly, there’s a foosball table in the rec room showing just how sociable people used to be before the App Store treated them to such a vast quantity of addictive games.

The fitness center looks pretty full-on, although with Apple harboring a vested interest in that field, it’s not too surprising.






The wireless testing lab – which clearly wasn’t on top form when it entertained the new iPad – looks like something from a music video.

The compilation is capped off nicely by a meeting room pic including some of Apple’s influential characters including Ive, Schiller, and of course, the late, great Steve Jobs.

Although not a museum as such, I’m sure most of us would be taking limitless numbers of photos should we ever be lucky enough to enter – and probably on our iPhones, too!

Head over to Apple Gazzette for the full image gallery.

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