This Is Original iPhone Next To Apple Watch

The original iPhone, launched by the late Steve Jobs back in 2007, may seem archaic by today’s visual standards but at that time it was considered cutting edge. The company’s latest product, the Apple Watch, is considered to be a beautiful and elegant timepiece, but have you stopped to consider how remarkably similar it is to the original iPhone in terms of its visual design language?

The original iPhone managed to cause a huge splash in what was still an emerging smartphone market back in 2007. With its relatively small screen by today’s standards, and its 0.46-inch thickness, it was still regarded as cutting-edge by consumers. The multitouch capacitive touch-screen felt simply magical compared to the resistive offerings that were available at the time, but in reality the design looks dated when compared to Apple’s modern smartphone offerings. With that said, the rounded edges of the device along with the black fascia and silver bezels are extremely similar to what we are witnessing with the first-generation Apple Watch.

iPhone vs Apple Watch main

There are definitely some corners of the technology industry who will consider that this design could potentially represent a regression for the Cupertino based company. In actual fact, the similarities in design to the original iPhone not only conjures up nostalgic thoughts about the day the smartphone industry was changed forever, but it also introduces the excitement surrounding where Apple could actually take its “most personal product yet” with future iterations. Over the last seven years we have witnessed an almost entire overhaul on the design of the iPhone, so what could the next five years bring for the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch original iPhone

It’s been extremely interesting to witness the development of the Apple Watch. From the initial rumors that Apple was actually working on a product of this nature to actually seeing it unveiled and finally launched a few weeks back has been a rollercoaster of rumor and conjecture. Considering the product was recently voted as the top rated smartwatch in the market by Consumer Reports it seems like Tim Cook and his team have hit yet another sweet point with consumers.

Here’s to the exciting future of the product.

(Source: Reddit) (via CultofMac)

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