This Carbon Fiber iPhone 5s Case Can Stand Up Against A Shotgun Blast [VIDEO]

As soon as news of a smartphone begins to leak, the case makers are already on the task, looking to cash in on those early adopters. However, once the hype has died down a little, we get to explore some of the more creative, bespoke and generally intriguing cases on offer, and Proporta’s iPhone 5s case, which  boasts the ability to withstand a shotgun blast as its marquee feature, most certainly falls within those categories.

With phone cases being such a crowded market, companies need a USP in order to gain any kind of market share, and Proporta’s shot-proof pitch is perhaps the most extreme we have seen to date. The market is awash with heavy duty, dust and waterproof smartphones made for the working man, but since this case can a withstand shotgun blast from twenty yards, your device cannot get much safer than inside Proporta’s specially-crafted shell.

proporta case 5s

When you first clap eyes on it, it doesn’t appear much – if at all different – to your typical folio smartphone case. But the toughened carbon fiber within the lining ensures that, your smartphone is ready for any occasion. Carbon fiber is, of course, one of the strongest materials around, and if you ever needed proof that your Proporta case was ready for anything, the company has even provided a little video below to demonstrate its strength.

I guess the real benefit of owning a smartphone case capable of withstanding a shotgun blast is that, well, if you do happen to get hit by a shotgun yourself, at least  – at least – your beloved handset will be okay. You might have those pesky medical bills, potentially debilitating physical and psychological issues for the rest of your life, but hey, if the iPhone’s safe, at least you can still play Candy Crush.

proporta case 5s

The case costs $60 in the United States, £45 in the United Kingdom, and comes in black and white color configurations. If you like to be practical when it comes to smartphone cases, this is almost certainly your guy. It’s of good value, will protect better than most, and since it’s made by a reputable brand, should last out the shelf life of your iPhone 5s.

Without further ado, check the video below.

You can buy the case from:

(via: CultofMac)

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