This Android App Lets You Take A Selfie By Whistling At Your Device [Video]

Developers of camera apps are being forced – due mainly to the sheer volume now available on mobile devices – to come up with new, innovative ways of bringing something unique and interesting to the table. The likes of Instagram and its many filters have been done a thousand times over, but a new app for Android called Whistle Camera brings a neat, hands-free aspect to the point-and-shoot experience.

As the name implies, Whistle Camera allows you to snap shots by letting out a high-pitched whistling sound. Provided you have mastered the art of whistling, of course, you can take photos and selfies to your heart’s content, and even though it may sound like a bit of a gimmick, it’s actually a very useful, feature-rich experience.

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Not only does it work as advertised – many of these quirky apps tend to talk up an intriguing new feature that fails to deliver in the real world – but it also doesn’t seem to compromise the functionality of the camera. You still get your auto-focus and self-timer, you can take photos in different orientations, and you can even make edits, although yes – you will need your hands for this.

One instance where Whistle Camera may come in particularly handy is when driving. Provided your device is safely docked on the dashboard, you can take snaps of whatever you see just by whistling, and with touch-based interfaces having become increasingly dangerous for those using the roads, it’s always good to see app makers promoting the hands/eyes-free experience.


Whistle Camera’s developer has clearly left nothing to chance, also allowing users to adjust the sensitivity at which a whistle is detected. So if, for example, you’re in a noisy place and wish to take a selfie or a quick group pic for Instagram, you can tweak the settings to stop your whistles from being drowned out.


It requires Android 2.3.3 and up, and although it’s free of charge, you can upgrade to the Pro version in-app for a small fee, which isn’t a bad deal, considering what the app offers.

(Download: Whistle Camera for Android on the Play Store)

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