These iPhone 8 Concept Renders Offer A More Realistic Visualization Based On Rumors

Some new concept images could give us our best glimpse yet at what the iPhone 8 will look like rather than what we hope an iPhone of the future will look like.

Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 8 towards the end of this year, with September being the month on which the smart money is. That means we have a good six months of playing the guessing game before we know with 100% certainty what the iPhone 8 will look like, and that in turn means we have a good six months of people creating some truly amazing concept videos and images to try and depict what they think the next iPhone will be.

Some of the concepts we have seen so far have been stunning, but so many of them have little chance of coming to fruition, at least not in 2017.

What makes the concept images created by Benjamin Geskin for iDropNews so interesting is that everything we see in those images is not just possible, but also likely. While others have created concepts that almost act as wishlists for the future of the iPhone, what Geskin has put together here is a collection of images that appear to be based on what we have been able to learn of the iPhone 8 from various leaks over time.

The results are amazing.

Looking through the images, it is easy to spot the larger screen and the smaller bezels. The top and bottom of the iPhone in these concepts have been shrunk, and the rumored function area at the bottom of the screen is evident also. All in all, we like the look of what we see here a lot.

The iPhone 8 is not expected until around September time, but if it looks anything like this concept art, then we cannot wait to get our hands on one!

(Source: iDropNews)

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