The Siri vs Google Now Debate [COMIC]

Folks over at The Joy of Tech is known for creating all kinds of humorous comic strips based on the current tech topics that are on everyone’s mind. We’re big fans of the series, and everyone loves a good comic strip, right?

With Google Now recently joining the world of iOS thanks to the latest update to the Google Search app, many people have been comparing the search giant’s wares with Apple’s own digital assistant, and arguably the best: Siri. We say arguably because everyone had their own opinions on Siri, especially its usefulness in every day life, an area where Google Now particularly excels in ways we can’t imagine.

Siri vs Now

With Google Now and Siri coming face to face on iOS, it was only a matter of time until The Joy of Tech guys did what they do best and released a comic strip based on the two dueling personal assistants. The result is a four pane comic that sums the situation up nicely. And by pretty nicely, we mean, pretty nicely!

The story starts out with Siri telling an iPhone owner to take an umbrella when he leaves the house. Google Now disagrees, and vehemently denies the need for one, saying repeatedly that it will not rain. The man leaves the house sans umbrella, preferring to follow Google Now’s advise rather than listen to Siri.

The result is the unfortunate user baking in the heat thanks to the sun, with Siri taking the opportunity to gloat. Just as you would, really!

Google vs Siri JOT

Whilst humorous, it does speak to the fact that it’s entirely possible that users could have both services offering up contradictory information. Which they listen to will be up to them, though we suspect most people will choose one service to use exclusively rather than asking both for their input on anything.

Google Now coming to the iPhone and iPad has caused something of a stir with Android fanatics, some of who suggest that Google would have been better served by keeping its crown jewel as far away from the competition as possible. Others argue, perhaps rightly, that Google benefits from anyone using its services regardless of the platform they use.

We’d be inclined to agree with them since we’ve been using Google Now heavily since it made its debut in Jelly Bean.

(Source: TheJoyOfTech)

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