The Best Apple AirPods Accessories You Can Get [List]

Apple’s AirPods are one of those unusual products that seems to be universally loved by everyone who owns it. While there are plenty of detractors, they all tend to be people who have never used them, with those who have generally well aware of what makes them so popular.

Being truly-wireless earphones, you may be forgiven for thinking that there are not all that many accessories available, after all it’s not like anything can plug into them. However, there are more accessories designed for the the AirPods than you might think, and some are actually rather impressive.

Wireless Bluetooth earphones that solve some of the connectivity issues that other alternatives struggle with while also being capable of lasting longer than most on a single charge, the AirPods look every bit the wireless earphones of the future. Apple has a hit on its hands, and most agree. Below you will find what we consider to be some of the best Apple AirPods accessories around, and some of them may be items that you are not familiar with. We’re sure everyone will be able to find something of use in this list.

Keeping in view the diverse audience we have from all corners of the world, the good news is that most of these items listed have free worldwide shipping, as well as some discounts applied. Also, in case any of you decide to get many of these accessories with the total of the cart exceeding that of $69, you can get additional 10% off using discount code: AIRPODS10OFF

Without further ado let’s get started shall we?

Tight-Fit Silicone Case in Multiple Colors – $9.95, down from $14.95: Available in a host of colors, these snug little silicone cases will not only provide optimum protection to your AirPods Case from bumps and scratches, but add some character to it as well.

Best of all, you can get all 6 colors for the price of just 4 using this coupon code at checkout: AIRP61

Buy: Tight-Fit AirPods Silicone Case in Multiple Colors: $9.95 | Original price: $15

Twelve South AirFly – $39.99:– As that name might suggest, AirFly is particularly suited to being used on an airplane where no wireless connectivity is available and you need to turn your wireless AirPods into something a bit more, well, wired.

Buy: Twelve South AirFly: $40

3-In-1 iPhone + AirPods + Apple Watch Charging Dock Station – $39.95, down from $49.95: There are lots and lots of iPhone chargers around, and there are almost as many Apple Watch chargers. There are some AirPods charging case chargers, too, and while Apple’s AirPower charging pad continues to be illusive, this is the nearest thing to Apple’s erstwhile offering that we know of. It’s a lot cheaper than we expect AirPower to be, too!

3-In-1 iPhone + AirPods + Apple Watch Charging Dock Station: $39.95 | Original price: $49.95

Carbon Fiber AirPods Skin – $9.95, down from $14.95: Apple’s AirPods look pretty amazing as far as we’re concerned, but if you’d like something a little more unique then this skin may be the way to go. Covering the AirPods and the case they sit in, the carbon fiber look may suit some.

Buy: Carbon Fiber Black AirPods Skin: $9.95 | Original price: $14.95

Apple AirPods Silicone Cover With Carabiner – $9.95, down from $19.95: Another way of making your charging case look a little different is to cover it in a silicone cover, and this one has an added benefit of having a built-in carabiner to help you keep it safe. Nobody wants to lose their AirPods!

Best of all, you can get all 4 colors for the price of 3 using this coupon code at checkout: APDC43

Buy: Apple AirPods Soft Silicone Cover: $9.95 | Original price: $20

AirPods Watch Band Holder Attachment – $9.95, down from $19.95: One of the more interesting solutions, this takes your AirPods and attaches them to your Apple Watch band for safe keeping.

Buy: AirPods Watch Band Holder Attachment: $9.95 | Original price: $19.95

Glowing-In-The-Dark Silicone Case – $8.95, down from $18.95: There are plenty of options in this list for keeping AirPods and their charging case safe and sound, but what about finding those things in the dark? This case offers protection while also being made of glow-in-the-dark material!

Buy: Glowing Silicone AirPods Case: $8.95 | Original price: $19

Magnetic Silicone Strap for AirPods – $15.95, down from $34.95: – Wearing your AirPods can sometimes be a nerve wracking affair because they are so easy to lose. This magnetic strap connects both AirPods together and wraps around your neck, meaning even if one falls out it won’t go missing. Genius!

Buy: Magnetic Silicone Strap for AirPods: $15.95 | Original price: $34.95

Leather Case for AirPods – $14.95, down from $29.95: If silicone isn’t your idea of the perfect case material, how about leather? Available in multiple colors, this case also comes with a clip to help keep it safe and sound around your waste or attached to a bag.

Best of all, you can get all the available 5 colors for the price of just 3 using this coupon code at checkout: APLC53

Buy: Leather Case for AirPods: $14.95 | Original price: $29.95

AirPods Charging Dock for Desk – $14.95, down from $29.95: The AirPods are great at lasting a long time between charges and they’re even better at getting juice from their charging case, too. That case obviously needs power of its own though, and this charging stand is one way of taking care of that.

Available in multiple color options and is made of soft silicone material to give it a unique touch.

Buy: AirPods Charging Dock for Desk: $14.95 | Original price: $29.95

Better-Fit Earplugs for AirPods – $7.95, down from $14.95: Made of soft silicone, these earplugs are designed for those who can’t get AirPods to sit in place in their ears.

Best of all, you can get them in any 6 colors of your choice out of seven available for the price of just 4 using this coupon code at checkout: APEP64

Buy: Better-Fit Earplugs for Apple AirPods : $7.95 | Original price: $29.95

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