Tesla Model X Gets A Vegan-Friendly Option With “Ultra White” Synthetic Leather Interior

When you are buying a new car, you have to expect to be bombarded with lots of different options, whether they be color, trim level or something else entirely, but few of us thought that we’d have the option of choosing whether our cars would be vegan-friendly.

If you’re in the market for a brand new Tesla, then that’s one of the decisions you are now able to make, with the company offering its new Model X with synthetic leather seats and accents for those that prefer such an option over the less cow-friendly leather option. That new option actually looks absolutely gorgeous, and is called “Ultra White” because, well, it’s very white, indeed.


For those who don’t want to sit on leather, Tesla has had the option of cloth seats available for a while now, but the company now offers a faux-leather option just like other luxury car makers do, making sure that everyone is catered for along the way.

We’re unsure whether the previous options of leather or cloth have stopped anyone who wanted a Tesla from buying one, but the option of vegan-friendly faux-leather will no doubt make someone somewhere very happy, indeed. In fact, considering how lovely it looks, I might go for Ultra White myself.

Tesla is currently trying to cement its position as the top luxury electric car maker, with the possible competition of Apple’s first foray into the market looming over it. If Apple does enter the electric vehicle market, it’s possible it may out-Tesla Tesla. The auto maker has long been thought of as the Apple of the car world, so the thought of Apple being the Apple of the car world likely makes a few people at Tesla more than a little twitchy, except for CEO Elon Musk, who, in a recent interview with BBC, didn’t seem phased by the prospect of competition, expressing that he believes in encouraging other companies to contribute to the electric vehicle industry and that Apple has the potential to make a “compelling” electric car.


(Via: The New York Times)

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