Tech Deal: This High-Quality Bluetooth Speaker With Rich Bass Is 60% Off [Limited Quantities Available]

Right here, right now, you have an opportunity to make a substantial financial saving on a Bluetooth speaker which is not only a great example of gorgeous product design but also packed with wonderful audio tech to offer a great experience.

The first thing that’s going to strike you about the iClever BoostSound hardware is its external appearance. This isn’t just another pill-shaped run-of-the-mill speaker that conforms to the accepted design criteria. This is a piece of engineering that will look glorious in any room of the house and will instantly be a focal point. It’s also an extremely positive point that its output and its capabilities match its design language.

It comes with an internal 4,000 mAh battery that should be good for up to 8-hours of continuous playback. It automatically pairs with the previously paired device for ease of use. It comes with Bluetooth 4.2 technology, A2DP media streaming, and all of the internal technology that you would need to fill a room with truly immersive sound streamed from a mobile device. From a bass perspective, it stands head and shoulders above in this price range by offering DSP and Inter-IC Sound technologies, dual-passive radiators, 2 10W full-range drivers, and high-fidelity sound playback.

The immersive audio of the speaker is also joined by the three LEDs on the rear of the speaker which controls the mode that the device is currently set to. This light output really adds to the experience and gives the immediate illusion that you are using a product which commands a much higher price-tag. If you are in the market for a new audio accessory then this is definitely the hardware for you.

If you are ready and convinced that you need to fill your home with glorious bass-filled audio, then you can find the necessary information, link, and discount code below to ensure that you can instantly benefit from the 60% discount. Make sure that you get on over to the Amazon page as soon as you possibly can to ensure that strike while inventory is high and the price is low. This deal definitely won’t last forever; especially for a speaker which was recognized by the Consumer Technology Association.

Buy: iClever BoostSound Bluetooth Speaker with Rich Bass from Amazon: $19.99 with code BTS09ELE | Original price: $49.99

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