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Today’s WWDC event certainly went off with a bang, and as well as a new Retina iMac, MacBooks, iOS 6 with all the expected trimmings, there was also a big surprise in the form of the next-generation MacBook Pro.

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With WWDC just two days away, you could be forgiven for thinking the end of the world was nigh considering the non-stop coverage throughout the tech world. Despite no promise of an iPad or iPhone – the two main instigators of rampant Cupertino commentary, there’s still plenty to look forward to, and with so much having been mentioned over the past few days/weeks/months, we take a more classified look at what we’re expecting to see.

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With Apple’s WWDC for 2012 set to kick off in just a few short days, anticipation is already growing to what we can only describe as fever pitch. Monday is the day that all the madness really gets into full swing, and with Apple’s custom opening conference comes all the hype of an iPhone or iPad announcement. Except it isn’t.

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