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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango has started to roll out for everyone as we speak, but there’s one problem: You have to wait for a considerable period of time before the said update hits your Windows Phone powered handset. How about we turn the tables and hook you up with Mango right now? Complete instructions after the break.

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It’s almost a fact of life that no product is complete. one way or the other. Despite some gizmos leading the market whilst others fail miserably, there are still features both the hardware and within the operating system that we sometimes wish were interchangeable.

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The world of Windows Phone 7 is starting to hot up these days, with the infamous NoDo update starting to roll out to lucky handset owners. Now the fledgling OS is in the headlines once again thanks to ‘The Dark Force Team’, a group of hackers who sprung to fame when they managed to get WP7 onto the popular HTC HD2 hardware.

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