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Folks over at XDA-Developers have managed to extract and run Windows Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.5 on Windows Mobile 6.0/6.1 devices! All you have to do is to download and install the .cab file discussed here which will then download an update for Windows Mobile to make it ready to use on Windows Mobile 6.0/6.1 devices. This .cab file fix will also work on cooked ROMs of the recently leaked builds of Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 230XX and 234XX branch.

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If you have any one of the popular Windows Phone and want to try out something new, then check out the new ready to install cooked ROMs of Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23409, which are now available for a variety of popular Windows Mobile based handsets listed below.

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Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23409

By | September 4th, 2009

In the world of Windows Mobile 6.5, there’s a constant leak happening all over the place. The new leaked in question is Build 23409 which brings in more stability and reliability fixes that were hampering Build 23041. Visually, though, it looks almost identical to the last leaked Build 23041. A series of screenshots have been added below for your viewing pleasure.

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