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Windows Live SkyDrive is Microsoft’s service that lets you store any file on a virtual online folder that can be as large as 25GB, all completely free of charge, and then access it from anywhere from any browser, PC or Mac. While Microsoft’s implementation works fine, there isn’t a clear way to get to those files from Windows 7 Explorer, but it is possible.

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Not many of you would know that you could actually create or map a drive directly to your FTP site from within Windows Vista without having to install any third party software. This trick comes in handy when you run or manage a website,and are required to upload or download files frequently using your site’s […]

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One of the most irritating & annoying problem which Windows Vista users face is that they find Windows Explorer forgetting time and again the folder view settings which he or she set for a particular folder only to find it reverted back to the default settings. I have a 22” LCD monitor and so with […]

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