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As we reported yesterday, a new build of Windows 8, build 7989, has surfaced. Slowly but surely, it’s finding its way onto file sharing sites, and some Windows enthusiasts have already dug deep into it. Among the new features found, there’s a new virtual keyboard, per-feature licensing and SMS support.

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According to a forum thread on BetaArchive, a forum responsible for leaking Windows 8 builds in the past, there’s a new Windows 8 build waiting to be leaked. The new build, allegedly with 7989.winmain.110421-1285.615974c7346f7374 as its build tag, seems to include small improvements when compared to previous builds, although the new tile-based user interface doesn’t seem to be included, at least judging by the leaked screenshots.

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Windows 8 Build 7955 has reportedly found its way out in the wild. This is the same build which contains a number of new features which we have been covering in the last few days.

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