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As was expected, the final version of Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 (PP3) is now available as a free download via Windows Update for systems running Windows Home Server. For those of you who don’t know, Windows Home Server is a server operating system from Microsoft which is specifically designed for home use. It was intended to help families with multiple connected PCs by providing: file sharing, maintaining automated backups (photos, videos, music, documents) plus remote access.

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Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Beta was released last week and it brought much needed and improved Media Center integration with Windows Home Server alongside other features which improves its experience with Windows 7. Power Pack 2 added the functionality of making it easier to access content stored on a Home Server from a Media Center PC, Power Pack 3 takes it a step further.

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I have always loved the Media Center user experience since its inception in the days when it came bundled with Windows XP Media Center Edition. Windows Media Center is really a highlight of Microsoft design.

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