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Weather is a funny old thing, unless you happen to be caught up in the middle of it. There’s nothing worse than the best laid plans being ruined by some unseasonal rain, or perhaps even unseasonal sunshine! The iOS App Store is literally flooded (bad pun!) with weather apps as far as the eye can see – some are good, some are bad, even more are downright abysmal.

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When the iPhone first launched back in 2007, it came with a number of default apps that were bundled with the software we now know as iOS. Native Messages, Mail, Stocks and Calculator apps have all stood the test of time as Apple continue to iterate through firmware versions with each new device, but one of the more popular but less frequently discussed is the fantastic and visually appealing Weather app. If you are one of the many jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch owners running iOS 6.0 or above, you will be happy to know that the popular WeatherIcon tweak is now compatible with the latest firmware version.

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