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South Carolina-based outfit Twelve South is making a habit of churning out great products for Apple’s vast range of devices, and having just released the PlugBug World, an all-purpose charger that works anywhere on the planet, the company is back with a further addition to one of its most revered product lines – the BookBook. We recently got the chance to take a close look at the BookBook for iPhone 5, and were very impressed by the high quality leather material used in its manufacture. If you’re in the hunt for something similar for your 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, Twelve South has just released the BookBook for the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display.

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Many of us like to, or are often forced through work commitments, to travel around on a frequent basis. As a hardcore geek, blogger, and general Internet obsessive, I take my MacBook Air pretty much everywhere I go, but as any seasoned journeyman would vouch, plugging in for a charge at any given location can be a trying task. With so many variants of the two-pin plug aiming to make life as difficult for somebody like myself, who has only ever used the three-pin here in the UK, it winds up being another annoying thing to tick off the list of pre-travelling to-dos.

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