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All the previously leaked rumors which were indicating towards a possible T-Mobile US version of HTC HD2 were indeed true. HTC and T-Mobile has announced today that HTC HD2 is finally headed to United States exclusively on T-Mobile network.

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The final price details of the upcoming Nexus One phone from Google has been leaked. The screenshots which Gizmodo has managed to grab reveals the unlocked and unsubsidized version of the said phone, which will cost US $530, while the one with 2 year T-Mobile contract will cost $180. The information via leaked documents is as follows.

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Sources at BGR has confirmed that Google Nexus One phone is coming to T-Mobile US on January 5th. The phone will be sold directly online by Google while T-Mobile will act as its service partner. Here is what the text read on the leaked T-Mobile internal online page.

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