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Having an Android device is certainly nice, owing to the open source nature of the platform. You can do all sorts of customizations, change pretty much everything in the OS itself, and if you’re really into it, completely change the look and feel of your device (software-wise, that is). However, as with any Linux based system, the true potential is unlocked when you gain superuser access, commonly known as rooting your device. These days, rooting is a fairly easy process, and you can find several tools that will help you get root access on your Android smartphone or tablet. Nevertheless, nothing beats a one-stop solution, and that’s what Kingo Android Root is offering. Let’s take a look.

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Popular Android root control app, Superuser, has seen an update recently, taking the app version number up to the heady heights of version 3.1. Security improvements are included, along with a raft of other changes that may or may not be of use to most of us in the Android hacking community.

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ASUS’s Transformer Prime is one of the most hotly-discussed Android tablets out there. Much of the hype is due to its best-in-class quad-core Tegra 3 chip which offer desktop-class processing and graphics with excellent power management.

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