Rooting has almost always been a necessary concept with Android devices, and if you’ve ever used one while being interested in unleashing the full potential of your smartphone or tablet, you would have rooted it at some point. There are many benefits to gain out of gaining superuser (root) access on an Android device, the biggest of them being able to run custom ROMs – homebaked firmware that unlocks those areas of your device that the manufacturer deemed potentially dangerous to play around with. One thing that all rooting techniques, in general, have in common, is the fact that they all require the use of a computer. Whether you’re flashing a rooted kernel on a Samsung device using Odin, or firing up a command prompt to key-in the commands yourself, or even using a one-click method like CF-root, you will always find that you need a computer to accomplish that. Well, not anymore, now that Root Transmission is here.

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