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The LG-manufactured Nexus 4 may only just have made an appearance over at the Google Play Store, but the modding and altering of the device has been going on for a good couple of weeks now. If you’re into backing up, flashing ROMs, rooting and unlocking, you will be pleased to learn that version 1.0.0 of the Nexus 4 Toolkit has been compiled and is now available to download.

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Android 4.2 might not be Google’s next major update, as most people hoped it might be, but it’s still the latest smartphone/tablet operating system from the search giant, and that’s enough for most people to desire it more than perhaps anything else. Add to the mix the fact that the latest Google Nexus 4 comes preloaded with the new Jellybean version, and that the device is being sold at an exceptionally reasonable price point of $300, and users will be lining up to buy the device as soon as they can.

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