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We haven’t yet seen iOS 14 running on a device but at this rate we’re going to know all about it before it’s announcement next month.

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It’s a predicament many of us face on a frequent basis; our friend wants to connect to your Wi-Fi, and we’re left scrambling around for that torn up piece of paper on which we scribbled that long and elaborate, alphanumeric code. Either that, or we’re left playing the guessing game, trying to remember a password we only ever think about in these very situations. Sure, there are ways to make this system a whole lot smoother, but by far the easiest method is to generate a QR code and stick it on top of your router. Is this a new technique? No. Is it particularly groundbreaking? Definitely not. But the fact is, you don’t do it, and if you don’t ever want to bother reeling off your Wi-Fi password ever again, check out the very simple method outlined after the break.

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