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Parallels Access app for iOS has just been updated to version 3.0, bringing with it a bunch of improvements, most notably the experimental support for playing PC games on your iPhone or iPad, support for the Apple Watch, and file sharing for both Android and iOS devices.

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As a company, Parallels has been responsible for breaking down a number of barriers in its fourteen years of existence. Company‚Äôs impressive software has managed to bridge the gap between the world’s two most popular desktop operating systems by allowing Windows applications to run almost seamlessly on computers running Apple’s OS X. Its Parallels Access for iPad app released last year took things a little further by allowing Windows and Mac apps to run on an Apple iPad. Not wanting to rest on that success, the company has raised the bar again by extending the Parallels Access functionality to grant virtual access to a remote PC or Mac directly from an iPhone or an Android device.

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Parallels has built its name up from a series of software allowing consumers to run Microsoft’s Windows on a Mac. There are, of course, numerous apps offering a similar service, but with ease of use and generally smooth functionality, Parallels Desktop has become the go-to choice for many looking to enjoy the best of both worlds. Now, the company has come through with Parallels Access, an app for iPad that allows convenient remote control access to both Windows and OS X desktops and notebooks.

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