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What happens when you put three of the latest smartphones, a video camera, a WiFi connection and a smartphone enthusiast in one room? You get a video comparison. In today’s video comparison, we get to compare and contrast the browser performance of the iPhone 4, Lumia 800 and the iPhone 4S. Details and video available after the jump!

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Nokia plans on creating a limited number of handsets inspired by the newer Batman franchise. The Lumia 800 will feature a laser-etched Batman logo on the back of the device.

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One of the first things bloggers do when they attend an event where a new smartphone is announced is compare said smartphone’s performance against others, more established names in the smartphone industry. Our friends over at SlashGear did exactly this at yesterday’s Nokia World, where Nokia announced its first Windows Phone 7-based smartphone called the Lumia 800, comparing its browser performance against the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

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