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It’s a funny time in the world of Windows Phone 7. So much is going on right now, with NoDo bringing copy & paste to the platform and multitasking not far away, yet it’s almost like people don’t even know it’s there. One thing we do know is there is one random build of the operating system, apparently installed on an Italian LG Optimus 7 is floating around in the wild.

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NoDo, the elusive Windows Phone 7 update that brings such liveliness as copy and paste to the platform has been rolling out slowly for a week or so now. The problem is, you need to wait for your particular carrier to deem you worthy of such a fantastic update, as if you haven’t suffered enough. Now thanks to a clever chappy with a blog post, you too can copy and paste to your heart’s content.

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The world of Windows Phone 7 is starting to hot up these days, with the infamous NoDo update starting to roll out to lucky handset owners. Now the fledgling OS is in the headlines once again thanks to ‘The Dark Force Team’, a group of hackers who sprung to fame when they managed to get WP7 onto the popular HTC HD2 hardware.

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