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The Xbox 360 may be something of an ageing console, but nonetheless, Microsoft has still been working very hard in updating and improving the experience year by year. What started out, with the original Xbox, as a strictly gaming machine, now boasts a plethora of content, and as well as an extensive number of streamed feeds available, deep integration with mobile devices has become something of a necessity.

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As well as being a great smartphone, many apps allow the iPhone to be used as a peripheral. From a remote to a mouse, a keyboard to a speaker, a little software nous can easily save you money and time. Thanks to the updated My Xbox LIVE app for iOS, you can now use your iPhone as a remote control for your Xbox, which is not only very handy, but a layabout’s dream.

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It’s been a big few days in the world of Microsoft’s Xbox 360. There was the whole Xbox Dashboard update palava, where the update was scheduled to go live and then was delayed for less than a day and now there is a whole new iOS app in Apple’s App Store which is Microsoft’s first Xbox related app to be released for the iOS devices.

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