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Being able to install multiple operating systems on a desktop computer is something we just assume as standard. Running Linux alongside a Windows installation on a PC is an everyday experience for millions of users around the world. Installing Windows 7 or Windows 8 as a dual-boot operating system on a Mac is actually extremely commonplace as well. Although mobile platforms have benefited from significant growth in the last few years, and continue to grow, we’ve never really had a truly functioning dual-boot system that has been adopted by the masses. For those that may have heard of, and used, the MultiROM booting system on Android you may be pleased to hear that the development team have released a new version with support for additional hardware.

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I feel pretty confident in saying that any seasoned jailbreaker would agree to the fact that restarting an iOS device can be a painstaking chore. It doesn’t matter what type of jailbreak user you are, there comes a point in using the device where you just have to either restart it or respring it after installing a particular tweak or package.

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