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The first wave of MFi (Made For iPhone) accessories may not win awards for design innovation or aesthetic beauty, but they did manage to highlight the power of what is possible with mobile gaming, and draw serious attention to Apple’s Game Controller APIs that launched as part of iOS 7. MOGA, the company behind the MOGA Ace Power iOS 7 controller, has taken on-board the lessons learnt from the initial launch and have gone back to the drawing board to build their next MFi product, as shown in the company’s official teaser image below.

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After a duo of leaks and speculation, MOGA’s Ace Power iOS 7 game controller has now been officially announced, making it the first game controller for iOS 7 to be officially available for purchase. We’ve got more details right after the jump.

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A few years ago, it would have been unthinkable for Apple to be preparing official support for gaming controllers on iOS, but the Tim Cook era of the Cupertino company seems a lot more open to new ideas. For quite a while, it’s been of public knowledge that iOS would be allowing third parties to create gaming controllers for iPhones and iPads to take full advantage of the App Store’s increasing gaming prowess, and MOGA’s Ace Power effort looks to have been inadvertently showcased thanks to a YouTube clip.

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