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The official launch of Windows 8 may still be weeks away but that hasn’t stopped developers from getting themselves and their apps ready in time for the big launch, with the fantastic MetroTwit Twitter app being the latest to get an update. A number of online and physical retailers are starting to offer pre-order discounts for those who get their Windows 8 upgrade orders in early as well as multiple hardware manufacturers starting to take initial orders for Windows 8-based PCs and notebooks.

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Users and fans of the Windows operating system have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks and months as Microsoft continues innovating and making the Windows experience infinitely better for their loyal users. But while Microsoft’s famous operating system and hardware is going up in the world, what about the third-party software that is available for users to download? For those who are regular users of the Twitter micro blogging service, a treat is available in the Windows 8 Store in the form of MetroTwit.

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There’s a new Twitter app on the block, and it may be bringing a little spit and polish to the Windows app scene. Twitter may have its own apps across a range of platforms, from Windows Phone 7 to Google Android, but it is on the desktop operating systems that Twitter has struggled to put together a top class application.

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