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Although it originally started its life as a modification to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer called MyIE, the Maxthon browser which millions of people around the world know and love has developed beyond any kind of recognition since it officially moved away from the MyIE name in 2003. When talking about web browsers, the majority of people may conjure up thoughts of IE, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but although Maxthon may not be on the top of those lists, it has enjoyed significant success with over 600 million downloads over its lifetime.

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When Android users take their phone out of the box for the first time, things gnenerally work; average users don’t really customize their Android experience but enthusiasts like to hunt for the perfect third-party alternatives to things that they think don’t work. The browser on Gingerbread and below is a good case in point: it’s a lackluster offering that is slow and not customizable at all. Searching for the best alternative browser on Android through Market can be gargantuan task, but if you do your homework you’ll find that Dolphin Browser and Opera Mobile are fan-favorites.

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