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New universal jailbreak tool for Kindle devices has been released which works with Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, Voyage, and Touch. Here are the details.

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It’s commonplace for tech companies to mock competitors in ad campaigns, although in the mobile industry, it’s usually between arch-rivals Samsung and Apple. The Cupertino company has today bore the brunt of some ribbing from a different source, though, with Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite ad taking a not-so-subtle pop at Apple’s iPad. Since, as we learned just yesterday, the Kindle Fire HDX can more than hold its own against the new iPad Air (read: display is far superior), perhaps Amazon has a little lee-way to sound off, and although this compares the Paperwhite’s readability versus the iPad, it does seem as though Amazon is emerging as a real force in tablet circles.

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The Amazon Kindle has been a revelation in the e-reading world, and although Apple’s market-leading iPad tablet offers plenty of reasons for the bookworm to make the purchase, Amazon’s offering has proved to be the biggest hit when it comes to catching up with the latest and greatest novels.

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