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Much to Apple’s disdain, iOS 11 GM leak tidbits just keep coming. We now have a better understanding of the iPhone X camera specs, as well as the subtle changes made to the native Camera app user-interface, how the Face ID setup process will work, and the additional software included to try and ensure that the iPhone X’s OLED display doesn’t suffer from burn-in.

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Apple’s leaked iOS 11 GM apparently makes references to a new iPod touch 7 model labelled “iPod8,1” suggesting that the Cupertino-based company is planning on refreshing the touch-screen music player with a seventh-generation release that will see it fall in line with iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

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The recent leak of iOS 11 build in its new Golden Master form has seen more information regarding the iPhone X appear online in 24 hours than the past 6 months, and while that is great news for the likes of us writing about these things, it is perhaps less so for those who work inside Apple.

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