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Our first look at IntelliScreenX 7 gave a glimpse of what users could expect from this launch. For those that may be new to the world of jailbreaking, let’s have a quick recap. IntelliScreenX is a package that makes it extremely easy to keep up to date with what’s going on in your life. The package achieves this by offering immediate access to pretty much anything on the device that matters directly from the lock screen. Messages, weather information, calendar entries, emails, miscellaneous RSS feeds, IntelliScreenX has it all covered, and it looks beautiful too.

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The jailbreak scene is awash with great tweaks, but even though we see, on a daily basis, just what can happen when creative minds are given a license to dig deeper into the iOS firmware, there remains a small, exclusive group of Cydia entries that stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. Along with BiteSMS, which only recently made its début for iOS 7, IntelliScreenX is rightly considered by many to be among the very best in the business, and now, developer Intelliborn has begun teasing an iOS 7-ready version for iPhone, which is IntelliScreenX 7. The beta is almost ready for prime time, but for the moment, we have a video and some screenshots to salivate over, which you can check out after the break!

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People who are regular jailbreakers tend to have their favorite apps and tweaks in mind when setting up a new device, and invariably one of those tweaks is IntelliScreenX. A hugely popular jailbreak tweak, IntelliScreenX by the folks over at Intelliborn has been around in various guises for quite some time, and it’s one of the tweaks that we here at RP like to keep an eye on. It’s also one that you like to know all the latest news about, which is why we thought you’d like to get the skinny on what when a new version of the original Notification Center-like tweak will be available.

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