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iMessage, which in a nutshell is Apple’s belated attempt to jump on the free instant-messaging bandwagon (as seen with BlackBerry Messenger et al), may also be integrated to the Mac iChat service, which would certainly add an extra dimension to proceedings.

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Mac4ever has posted rumors in a post today where they say that FaceTime, a video chatting service for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G, will soon be coming to iChat which is an IM application that comes with OS X. They also say that iLife 11 (without iDVD) is coming soon.

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The technology enthusiast site TechnoBuffalo has been tipped by a tipster who has found strong evidences in the latest iPhone OS 4 Beta which hints towards possibility of video chat/calling options coming in the next-generation iPhone. This evidence was found via a process named “iChatAgent”, which is revealed by a $0.99 app named “Free Memory Lite” from the iTunes App Store.

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