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When we saw Apple roll out HealthKit with iOS 8, it was only inevitable that Google will soon counter with an answer. Google Fit for Android has been released and serves somewhat the same purpose as Apple’s HealthKit. Google Fit is the app that centralizes all your health goals and workout stats monitoring.

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Samsung’s release of the Gear Fit smartwatch back in February has really set the tone for this year. Apple’s WWDC a couple of weeks back was heavily focused around the company’s new HealthKit initiative, and Google has just countered by announcing Google Fit at I/O. Like HealthKit, its not so much an app as a platform, integrating with a myriad of Google services to track and log health-related data, and with Google having already named several partners including Adidas, Nike and RunKeeper, it will go toe-to-toe with HealthKit as the consumer electronics industry continues to spread its wings.

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Wearable technology is fast becoming the next big battleground for the big tech companies of the world, but a key part of that expansion beyond the smartphone is likely to be health, and Google is reportedly taking steps to make sure it isn’t left behind.

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