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Famous hacker Geohot has released Root for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. Fans of Apple’s iPhone – and more specifically those involved in the jailbreak community – will know Geohot from his days involved in the cat and mouse game with Apple. In more recent times he has also gained infamy thanks to his well-publicized legal wrangle with Sony after publishing information online on how to “jailbreak” the company’s PS3 console.

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We initially had the Samsung Galaxy S4. Then came the more compact and sleek Galaxy S4 mini. They say that good things always come in threes and that certainly seems to be the case as Samsung has today announced the Galaxy S4 Active smartphone to accompany the previous two releases of the S4. The Galaxy S4 Active is described as being the “perfect companion for exploration, activity and adventure” and will offer all of the technical power of the flagship Galaxy S4 but packed into a robust and ingress protected case for outdoor use.

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Whereas most vendors release a new flagship, take some time to appreciate their achievements and perhaps even give themselves a little self-congratulation, Samsung instead works without relent to bring more devices, more features, and more options to consumers. The Galaxy S4 may just be taking its baby steps into the market, but the talk of several spin-off devices has been incessant since before consumers could even get their hands on the latest and greatest. The Galaxy S4 Mini has been mentioned several times, as has a ruggedized, water and dustproof model of Galaxy S4, and according to a bunch of leaked images, the latter now looks a certainty for release in the near future.

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