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Just found this via Sizlopedia that there is now an app Push Fix available on Cydia to fix Push Notification System on jailbroken and unlocked iPhone’s running firmware 3.0. I earlier wrote a complete guide on how to fix Push Notification System for hacktivated iPhone’s but it required longer and tedious steps (for some) to fix the issue. You can now fix Push Notification System by following three simple steps.

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Yesterday, Dev-Team posted a trial fix for Push Notification System to make it work on unlocked or hacktivated iPhone’s with firmware 3.0. I have tried the fix on both iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G and can confirm that the fix is working on both like a charm!
This step by step will help you get Push notifications from the apps that can Push. You will need to have an unlocked and jailbroken iPhone for this to work.

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The Dev-Team is back! and this time they have posted a trial fix for the Push Notification System which wasn’t working on iPhone firmware 3.0 once you have unlocked (hacktivated) and jailbroken it on your device. The steps to fix your Push Notification System on unlocked iPhone 3.0 as instructed by the Dev-Team are as follows.

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