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Opinions are clearly divided on the need to have applications like the new Facebook Poke offering hanging around the iOS App Store, but regardless of individual opinion on the topic it would seem that users seem to enjoy having the ability to send short messages with attached media to friends that then later self-destructs into oblivion. Although the core functionality of the app is to send these types of messages that do disappear a few seconds after being viewed, it is entirely possible to permanently save whatever the sender has sent to your devices.

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Facebook’s Poke app has taken the App Store by storm, and in less than a day, already sits aloft the iTunes Free app chart. The app, which, in essence, is a chat app with a few twists, only just released for iPhone, but already, has become the most popular free on the App Store.

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Facebook has released a poke app for the iPhone, which the company describes as a “fun and easy” way to “say hello to friends wherever you are.”

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