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Merely a couple of weeks after buying out the competition with the billion dollar purchase of Instagram, Facebook launched its very own camera app, very similar offering for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users back in May.

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In what comes off as a rather unusual and quirky move, Facebook has just released Facebook Camera for iOS. Aptly named, the app is essentially a standalone app that lets you manage and post photos on the social networking service. There’s more to it than that, though; the service also offers 14 filters for you to “decorate” your photos with. In many ways, the app offers functionality that’s very similar to that one prominent photo-sharing company they acquired last month for $1 billion. Now, I proceed, I just want to give Facebook credit for creating such a pleasantly-designed app; coming from a company that’s notorious for terrible mobile apps, this is quite something.

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Well, it didn’t take them long, did it? In what’s been an astronomically busy couple of weeks for Mark Zuckerberg’s now company that is Facebook, it has now taken the wraps off its camera app, which gives the recently acquired Instagram a run for its money.

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