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Get Swype Keyboard on HTC HD2

By | December 25th, 2009

Swype is a new, faster and easier way for text entry on your smartphone. With Swype, you can type at a rate of 50 words per minute with one single continuous finger motion without having to lift the finger from your screen. Folks over at XDA have extracted the Swype keyboard which is installed by default on Samsung Omnia II on Verizon. You can now use it with any Windows Mobile based WVGA device, including the HTC HD2.

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In the pre-release test Roms of Windows Mobile 6.5 for HTC HD2, pinch-to-zoom functionality was available across all apps by which one could finger pinch any application on the screen and it would zoom in. In the final release, however, this useful feature was confined to only a few selective apps on the device that had small elements on screen. Thanks to this tiny application called Zooomer for the HTC HD2, we can now enable pinch-to-zoom multi-touch capability in any program on this Windows Phone. All apps may not really be able to take all the advantage from it but atleast it gives us the choice to select the apps in which we need this functionality.

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