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Folks over at XDA-Developers have managed to hack the popular HTC Sense interface, which ships with HTC HD2, to make it compatible to run in landscape mode. One complain that you would have often heard from users running HTC Sense on Windows phones is the lack of support in landscape mode. With this hack, you can now run the popular interface in landscape mode. Its not perfect yet, and has some alignment issues, but it is still very much usable. One can expect more improvements in future releases.

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Just found this out via Pocketnow that some folks over at Technology Paradise have managed to extract and port the gorgeous looking Calculator app from HTC HD2 over to all other Windows Mobile based devices. All you have to do now is to download the extracted .cab file and then install it on your phone capable of running Windows Mobile. The Calculator app is suitable for almost all type of Windows phones with any type of resolution (VGA and QVGA) and it also supports both the portrait, and landscape modes.

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