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Chevrolet has, along with Honda, outlined its intention to integrate Apple’s Siri technology into production cars, in a system known as “Eyes Free”. Handsfree technology, while useful in helping prevent drivers from becoming distracted whilst behind the wheel, isn’t without flaw; and by implementing this new, Siri-based system, major car manufacturers hope to make our roads even safer moving forward. The initial reports of Chevrolet’s Siri integration, which first came to our attentions at the end of last November, we got a fairly good insight of how the system would work. Now, following last month’s announcement that the 2013 Chevy Sonic and Spark would be among the first to feature Eyes Free, the company has just aired an advertisement showcasing the technology.

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General Motors seems particularly keen, dare I say, Sirious about implementing voice-recognition technology into automobiles, and to outline this intention, will be implementing Apple’s Siri personal assistant to a couple of its Chevrolet car models early next year.

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