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In past, we have seen iPhone being made to use in situations such as driving vehicles, controlling robots and so much more, but none a special than launching a missile. Yes, a small group of students have managed to control a missile through their iPhone that commands and controls a small rocket launcher in pre and post firing conditions. They designed an app for iPhone and created a system for the launcher by running customized version of Windows CE 6 on eBox 2300, on which the orientation, deviation and firing control of missile was possible using the iPhone.

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Well they say that there is an app for just about everything, and now there is one for even the iPhone itself. The “iPhone in iPhone” augmented reality app is basically a promotional app developed by Ogmento – a company which is currently focused on developing mobile augmented reality games and apps. The said company is home to popular augmented reality apps like ‘Put a spell’ and ‘Pengun books’ etc.

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Car Finder has to be one of the most useful augmented reality app to hit for iPhone 3GS. This app uses the built-in GPS and Compass in iPhone 3GS to locate and track the car you have parked from anywhere you are. Now before going into detail on how this app actually works, lets first take a look at what “Augmented Reality” really is.

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