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Things seem to be on the upside for BitTorrent Sync. The service that allows users to synchronize files without the use of Dropbox or other cloud based storage alternatives has just announced that it has hit a milestone that must have initially seemed out of reach. It’s also been announced that the BitTorrent Sync offering will be greatly improved for the end users with the addition of third-party developer access as well as extending the current mobile distribution to appeal to a greater number of iOS users.

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Yesterday, BitTorrent announced that the release of BitTorrent Sync for iOS was imminent, and having passed Apple’s moderation process (despite the negativity attached to being a founding father of a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol), it is now ready for prime time use. As you would perhaps expect, it is completely free to download, and you’ll find all of the relevant details, as well as the all-conquering download link, right after the fold!

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