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Even though Google Glass enjoys its fair share of airtime in the world of tech, the search giant’s head-mounted gizmo isn’t alone in vying for a share of this potentially lucrative field. In fact, a number of companies – from start-ups to the likes of Lenovo – have indulged over the past couple of years, but while the more recent Motorola-owner’s prototype looked a bit of a Glass rip-off, the product in the works through emerging outfit Atheer Labs is very intriguing and dare we say more exciting than even Glass.

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Google Glass is still growing in popularity, partly helped by the fact that more and more people are being allowed to buy them. Even though the Google offering is still very much in the early stages of its lifecycle though, the competition is already beginning to pop up. The latest to throw their hat into the ring is a company called Atheer, with their own Glass competitor now up on Indiegogo, and it’s looking pretty impressive already.

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